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Welcome to your completely respectful antidote to aliens-with-cat-ears and four-novel military space operas where no one gets around to kissing until everyone is dead. After another two thousand years of living history, the transhumanists lost the debate and yet we're still moving forward:

4126 A.D. — New heroes emerge from an era fraught with disaster and disappointment. Join our future's men and women on an unlimited journey through the stars.

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New on Amazon for Kindle, PC, Mac, and Android: The Honey War

Lydia is at again, this time responding to the threat of interplanetary war and the end of humanity's federal government. With 26 million souls on her boat, and 30 billion lives on the line, this is it, the finale, if she can survive newborn Artificial Sentience, interstellar space, globalized exo-life, and time travel (!?).

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Primer - Mortality Shock
Characters - The cast of 'The Maple Leaves series'
Glossary 'coming soon' - OPL, The Dark Days, Asmovian Protocols, Longevity Treatments, Star-Fishing
Goodies - Thematics